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 With people having successful YouTube careers as vloggers and business owners, there is probably no reason you wouldn’t want to be making money with your very own YouTube channel. Generating a full time income from your own channel is not impossible, especially if you follow these helpful tips. 

Make a YouTube account. Signing up for a YouTube account is fairly easy. Just go to and look for the “create account” tab. Fill up all the necessary details like a valid email address and password. Now, you’re done!  

Choose a nicheIf you are passionate about something like photography or make-up, it will be easier for you to create video contents related to your chosen niche. People with similar interest or those who are looking to learn more about it will come flocking your way.   

Select a remarkable name for your channel. Picking a sustainable topic for your videos is as important as naming your channel with a name that will ring a bell with your audience. You do not have to choose big or complicated words as your channel’s name, just be creative. The simpler and modern-sounding it is, the better recall people will have of it.  

Create informative and insightful videos. As much as people want to watch entertaining videos, they also want information and great insights. If your niche is in photography, you may produce videos related to tips in finding the best cameras, tips on how to use cameras better and maybe an occasional preview of your shots. In that way, your audience will see that your channel is a multi-faceted photography channel. They are more likely to subscribe and come back for more. 

Use social media to drive traffic to your videos. Your social media accounts is your most powerful tool of marketing and it is free! Be sure to have account on some of the biggest social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook, Googleplus, Instagram, and Pinterest. 

Get personal with your audience. You can be personal with your audience in many ways. One would be to have your own website. This website should contain more details about what you do and what your products and services are all about. Also, you may engage your audience by commenting and answering their question on your YouTube account. Doing so will let them know that you value their opinions or suggestions.  

A successful YouTube channel does not happen overnight. The people who have had tremendous achievement with it have put in effort, time and much love to what they do. That is the true making of a successful YouTube channel.   

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